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Announcement referring to the selection for the filling of the vacant position of member of C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica S.A. Directorate

C.N.T.E.E. TRANSELECTRICA S.A. was established according to Government Decision no. 627/31 July 2000 as a result of division of the National Electricity Company (CONEL) into four independent entities: Transelectrica, Electrica, Hidroelectrica and Termoelectrica - for the transportation and dispatching, distribution and production of electricity

According to GEO 109/2011 regarding the Corporate Governance of Public Enterprises, the Supervisory Board of C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica S.A. has selected the association S.C. Quest Advisors S.R.L./ S.C. Transearch International S.R.L.  to assist in the process of selection of a member of the Directorate.

A. Mandatory qualification criteria:

a. Higher education graduate holding a bachelor's degree diploma from a higher education institution in the technical field: energetics, electrotechnics and/ or industrial automation.

b. A minimum 10-year work experience;

c. A minimum 5-year experience in the energy field;

d. Previous experience in a management position:

Ø  Executive: At least 3 years in a position of director (director general/ deputy director/ department manager), having at least 25 subordinated employees within a company performing activities in the field of electric power generation/ transport/ distribution/ supply, with a turnover of minimum 100 million euros;


Ø  Direct management of minimum 2 (two) investment projects in the field of electric power generation/ transport/ distribution/ supply amounting to minimum 25 million euros each;

e. Very good command of Romanian and English;

f. At least 2 reference letters.

B. Criteria considered as being advantages:

a. Bachelor's degree/ post-university degree (MBA, EMBA, PhD/ master's degree, doctor's degree in fields that are relevant to the activity of the Company, issued by reputable higher education institutions in the following fields: electric power, economic & financial, legal, management; 

b. Experience in the relationship with the authorities and the regulatory & supervision authorities in the energy industry;

c. Experience in management positions within international bodies/ organizations;

d. Experience in positions of management of the national public authorities in the energy field;

e. Involvement in the management of a company which went through a reorganization period.



Documents required for the application:

  • List of documents;
  • Curriculum Vitae in Romanian;
  • "Technical Offer" in Romanian – where the applicant shall provide detailed information on his fulfillment of the criteria mentioned in the Announcement of Selection (please see attached document named  "Sample for Filling in A Technical Offer");
  • Two reference letters which should contain the name and the contact information of the referring persons;
  • Declaration on the applicant's own responsibility concerning the absence of criminal record (see attached document named "Form no. 1");
  •  Declaration on the applicant's own responsibility concerning the non-involvement in a conflict of interest situation (see attached document named "Form no. 2");
  • Declaration referring to the applicant's non-belonging to one of the situations implying the recall of the tenure for reasons attributable to him/ her (see attached document named "Form no. 3");
  • True copies of the documents attesting the academic background;
  • Declaration on the applicant's own responsibility concerning the authenticity of the diplomas shown in copy (see attached document named "Form no. 4");
  • Copy of the identity document.


Application procedure:

The application files containing the documents requested by this announcement shall be sent/ submitted with acknowledgement of receipt no later than 02.06.2015, 16.00 p.m.  in hard copy, in a closed, sealed envelope bearing the mention: "Procedura de selecţie pentru completarea postului vacant de membru al Directoratul C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica S.A./Surname Name", to the address: S.C. QUEST ADVISORS S.R.L., Ing. Gheorghe Bals street, no. 3, ap. 4, district 1, Bucharest - ROMANIA and in electronic format to the e-mail address recrutare.transelectrica@questadvisors.eu

The submission of all the application documents requested by this Announcement of Selection in hard copy is mandatory. The impossibility of sending all the requested documents in hard copy and within the indicated period of time could lead to the exclusion from the recruiting and selection procedure.

By sending their application, candidates implicitly agree for their personal data to be operated for purposes pertaining to the recruiting and selection procedure.  

C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica S.A. reserves the right to interview only the selected applicants and to renounce the selection process any time during the procedure.

The applicants selected for the interview may be required additional documents that could prove their experience or professional status.

Form number 1 - Lack of criminal record


Form number 2 - Lack of conflict of interest

Form number 3 - Lack of previous revocation of director mandate

Form number 4 - Statement regarding the authenticity of the documents


Technical Offer Form


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