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The National Power Grid Co. Transelectrica SA supports the investments in the Romanian energy sector - a pillar of sustainable development with particular potential at national and regional level, a traditional centre of excellence of Romania's scientific & engineering research, an area of excellent opportunities to implement partnerships between Romanian companies and foreign investors. Its development plans of over 1 billion euro directly depend on investments in the entire Romanian energy sector, Transelectrica being prepared to play an active role in the region.


The NPG Co. Transelectrica SA assumed officially and made public its commitment in this respect by its 2014-2017 administration plan, approved by the Shareholders' General Assembly with 80% votes of its current share capital.


The NPG Co. Transelectrica SA is connected to the European reality and trends in the energy domain playing an active role in the debates on technical and economic solutions for European economic re-launch, especially in central and south-eastern Europe by facilitating access to the national electricity transmission grid at small prices for industrial customers and distribution operators.


The NPG Co. Transelectrica SA is concerned with capitalising Romania's energy potential in the European context and will make significant investments into the electricity transmission system in order to take over and transmit the whole amount of electricity supplied by existing generating capacities and any new ones.

In this context Mrs. Carmen Greorgeta Neagu, Supervisory Board member in the NPG Co. Transelectrica SA, speaker to the Romanian Hydro Power Energy Summit Conference 2014 has stated today "The actual available amount of power generating capacities should be assessed in order to provide correct signal to investors. For the time being data might show no new capacities are needed, which is not true. ... As regards big projects, decisions should be fast enough to maintain project feasibility. With 25 years' experience in the energy sector and investors' review one can realise some project whose execution decision exceeds 10 years becomes unfeasible. In the regional European context the Tarnita project can be assigned to the mutual interest projects but decision should be expedited in order to promote it and efforts should be correlated to structure the best business model". 

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