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1955 Setting up the National Power Dispatcher

The National Power Dispatcher started its operation on June 13th, 1955, which had been initially set up under a MEE (Ministry of Electrical Energy) order as a 'National dispatch department' within the Electricity Division of MEE. The main function of the NPD was to coordinate the electricity generation, transmission and distribution within the interconnected National Power System, which included the region of Muntenia and the central-eastern part of Transylvania. The activity of the respective areas was coordinated from the immediately subordinated level- the dispatchers of the power trusts of Bucharest and Sibiu, as well as the power factories of Constanta, Galati, Bacau, Timisoara and IRE Oradea.
    NPD's main tasks related to- providing an uninterrupted consumers' supply; the best load distribution between power plants; frequency and voltage control. Its decisional authority included the entire 110 kV network. The fist load curve of the NPS peaked at 325 MW and had its night off-peak at 170 MW, occurring also in June 1955. The growth of electricity consumption was mainly due to the industrial development and required new connections between sources and electricity consumers or between zonal systems, in order both to provide to consumers in areas with few sources and to increase the operational safety.
    Thus the national power system developed relentlessly, all the country's electric installations being actually interconnected in 1960.