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ENTSO-E RG CCE Regional Workshop to present The ten years’ development plan of the transmission grid and the 2014 regional Investment plan

On 26 March 2014 ENTSO-E organises in Slovakia, Bratislava a workshop with the interested parties within the Regional Group for Central Eastern Europe (ENTSO-E RG CCE) in order to prepare the next edition of the Ten years' network development plan (TYNDP) and of the Regional investment plan (RgIP), emphasising the elaboration of the TYNDP & 2014 RgIP and the results obtained at regional level.

This workshop aims at presenting and discussing the elaboration of the TYNDP 2014, the results of market and system studies for 2030 in the ‘slow progress' and ‘green progress' scenarios as well as at assessing the cost-benefit of regional projects of pan-European relevance together with the involved entities, especially representatives from national ministries responsible in the energy sector and from the national regulatory authorities. 


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