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Rapoarte Piata

Start Date End Date

Available BM Per DI For Each Regulation Type

Available Secondary Regulation Band

BRP Consumption

BRP Generation

Cross-border Schedules

Consumption Forecast

Necessary Reserves

Contracted reserves

Accepted Offers For Upward / Downward Energy

Energy From AcceptedOffers - Balancing

Accepted Offers For Congestion

Energy From AcceptedOffers on Congestion

Consumption Forecast For D+2 (net values)

Forecasted Reserve

Consumption Forecast For D (gross values)

Cross-border Schedules-CET Hours

Minimum and Maximum Prices For tertiary Regulation

Gross Values of Generation Schedules + NPS Balance

Notified Net Production Plus Sold Values

Realized Consumption

Marginal Price For Secondary Regulation

Total Accepted Offers

Secondary Upward and Downward Regulation

Non-Dispatchable Units Forecast -Net

Net values of Wind Generation Schedules

Deficit and surplus estimated prices

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Daily Reports

Daily Reports

For previous months please open the archive

Necessary Reserves for Down Tertiary Regulation is available on the archive file.

If the data can not be downloaded for the period 01.09.2012 - 17.10.2013, please open the excel file or the archive.

Starting with 01.02.2021, the daily reports data on 15 min resolution, are available in the excel.

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