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Electricity Market Administration - Metering Market Operator - OMEPA

Activity of settling the non-compliances - Complaint Office:
Tel: 0213035977. 
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All the documents needed will be drawn up as per the applicable regulations  that may be accessed on the website

The Transmission and System Operator, Commercial Operator (Power  Exchange) and the Power Metering Operator  in the wholesale market  are the main entities  constituting the infrastructure of the electricity market.

Considering the electricity trade dynamics in an  unbounded market system,  the highly accurate telemetering  of the  transited electricity  with rates higher and higher tending to the "real time" is mandatory.

These  actions accountability belongs to C.N. TRANSELECTRICA S. A. though its "Operator for metering the electricity transited in the wholesale market – OMEPA Branch"

OMEPA was set up as a C.N. TRANSELECTRICA S. A. branch  as per the Decisions Nos. 3/22.01.2002 and  22/18.06.2002 on reshaping the Company's activities. OMEPA is operating as an economic entity without legal personality  and performs accounting operations up to the level of the checking balance   as per the  provisions of the Accounting Law no. 82/1991 with the later amendments and it is registered at the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Bucharest with the registration number J40/7034/2002 of August 2nd 2002.

The current number of employees is 55 who are organized according to the organizational chart which is to be submitted to your attention very soon.