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The managerial team of Transelectrica has received the visit of the delegation of representatives from the Chinese Company State Grid International SA

      The Chinese delegation included 6 members, being led by Mr. ZHU GUANCHAO, Company vice-president. The main target of this visit was to identify cooperation opportunities, especially in the technical field, as well as to promote certain joint pilot projects, especially the Smart Grid one.
      The discussions held on this occasion pointed out possible cooperation opportunities. We appreciate the technical performance that the Company State Grid International SA has reached, and would like to identify joint projects where each one of us can apply its knowledge and experience, stated Stelian Alexandru Gal, director general of Transelectrica. Transelectrica is the transmission and system operator of Romania that manages, operates, maintains, upgrades and develops the transmission grid comprising 78 transformer substations of about 35,000 MVA, as well as 9,028 km of overhead lines at 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV and 750 kV, managed by 8 transmission branches

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