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Mr. Stefan GHEORGHE is the new Executive Director General of Transelectrica

Bucharest, 14 February- In accordance with article 22 paragraph (1) letter (f) from the Articles of association of the National Power Grid Company Transelectrica SA, in correlation with the provisions of Law 31/16.11.1990 regarding trading companies, republished with later amendments and additions, beginning with 14.02.2013, 12:30 h Mr. GHEORGHE P. Stefan is appointed Executive Director General of the Directorate of NPG Co. Transelectrica SA until the top managerial position is taken under the terms of EGO 109/2011 with respect to corporative governance of public enterprises. Mr. Stefan Gheorghe was Director General of Co. Hidroelectrica from June 2012 to February 2013, and during 01.06-25.06.2012 he was provisional administrator in the Board of Administration of Transelectrica SA. During his 30 years? experience in the power sector Mr. Stefan Gheorghe has passed through successive stages with RENEL, CONEL, ELECTRICA, FDFEE Electrica Muntenia Sud and CEZ Romania. Mr. Stefan Gheorghe graduated the Polytechnic University, Electric Engineering College, Bucharest (1981), and in 1994 completed the doctorate programme of the Polytechnic University, Electric Engineering College of Bucharest getting his doctor degree in electro power; in 2004 he got an MBA with the OPEN University Business School ? UK. Mr. Stefan Gheorghe was an active member in various international study committees and working groups as representative of Romania?s electricity distribution sector, namely- CIGRE and EURELECTRIC member, at present - member in world?s biggest organisation of electric and electronic engineers, IEEE Member ? Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (USA).
      ?I would like to maintain technical excellence during my governance of Transelectrica, while enhancing Transelectrica?s role of technical authority of the National Power System, thus also contributing to the successful development of the business in terms of increased added value. Although we find ourselves amidst difficult times in economic terms, we will further the investment plan as usual in order to upgrade and refurbish the electricity transmission grid and to provide a reliable operation of the power system. We will further sustain the investment efforts with a view to achieve new generation capacities by means of a new specific activity of RPS connection. I am fully convinced that together with my colleagues we will change Transelectrica into a really close, dynamic and performing team, able to cope with all challenges?, stated Mr. Stefan Gheorghe, Executive Director General.

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