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The incident occurred in the installations managed by Transelectrica - TB Cluj

An unpleasant incident took place on 10 January 2014 at 9:45 when fastening elements were stolen from two towers of the 400 kV OHL Rosiori-Oradea Sud, near Chiribis town in Bihor County. The 400 kV OHL Rosiori-Oradea Sud tripped at 9:26 h. No disturbances were generated into the Romanian Power System after such tripping of the Rosiori-Oradea Sud OHL, as the protections have removed fast and accurately the defect and no consumers were impacted.

The operational intervention teams of Transelectrica and SMART went urgently to the incident site to ascertain the damage and organise the remedial operations.

Transelectrica has got spare towers and components and, depending on their customisation time to the specific features of the 400 kV OHL Rosiori-Oradea Sud, 1 to 3 weeks are estimated until the installation is re-energised, also according to meteorological conditions.

The persons guilty of the incident have not been identified yet and Transelectrica cooperates with the public order and safety institutions to find them out, having signed protocols at national level in this respect.

The 400 kV OHL Rosiori- Oradea Sud is managed and operated by the National Power Grid Co. Transelectrica SA through its Transmission Branch Cluj.

These last years Transelectrica was faced with similar incidents when minor components of towers and electricity transmission lines were stolen, 1 to 3 pieces each year. The materials stolen did not amount to more than 500,000 Lei. Transelectrica managed prompt interventions each time, remedying quickly the shortcomings of such incidents to the consumers' benefit, reiterating also its active part in the safety of the Romanian Power System upon unpleasant situations. Increasing the protection of critical infrastructures within Transelectrica is one of the major concerns of the Company's Supervisory Board and Directorate, therefore both the Administration and the Management plan provides significant investment programmes during the 2013- 2017 mandate.

In 2013 a pilot test was completed in order to introduce fast warning and intervention devices in such circumstances. During this year such rapid intervention system in case of incidents will be implemented at national level.

Transelectrica is Romania's Transmission and System Operator that manages, operates, maintains, modernises and develops the transmission grid comprising 81 transformer substations amounting to 37.794 MVA and 8931.6 km of 110/220 kV, 400 kV and 750 kV overhead electric lines managed by 8 transmission branches.  


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