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Network Access Mode

Connection to the electricity transmission grid and clearing the site Any applicant complying with the legal provisions is granted access to the transmission grid, while observing the norms and performance provided in the applicable technical regulations (the Technical Code of the Transmission Grid and related technical norms/regulations; conditions of the transmission licence)
Legal grounds
  • Electricity law no. 13/2007;
  • Governmental Decision 90/2008;
  • Licence for electricity transmission and provision of system services- no. 161/2000- revision 2;
  • Technical Code of the Transmission Grid
  • Orders/decisions of ANRE (European legislation - EU Directives – fully transposed in these normative acts)
  • approval for RPS suitability;
  • approval of location ;
  • technical approval of connection (for consumers, distributors, dispatchable units)
Regulated tariffs are charged for issuance of location approvals and technical connection approvals (ANRE Order no.16/2004)
of contracts
  • Contracts to free up the location;
  • Connection contracts
Special account A special account opened for the amounts charged from the connection tariffs
Transelectrica Approval Transelectrica's consultation and approval are needed also  for connections to the electricity distribution grid. This requires cooperation between Transelectrica and the distribution operators. Solutions by means of study/research topics are required in order to perform the connection, such as- study to determine the power steps characterising the connection of a user to a certain voltage level under the configuration of Romania's Power System; solutions to connect certain consumers to the 220-400 kV OHL, correlation being required also with other projects (investments, maintenance, EMS/SCADA).
Stages of the connection process
  • issuance of the location approval – as per the territory planning certificate;
  • submission of the application for issuing the technical approval for connection  by the future user after getting all the approvals in the territory planning certificate;
  • issuance of the technical connection approval;
  • concluding the connection contract;
  • contracting the grid connection work and carrying it out;
  • commissioning the connecting  facility;
  • energising the user's installation;
The stages of the connection process have to be synchronised with those of other projects / activities
Stages of issuing the location approval
  • the applicant submits to Transelectrica the application to free the location
  • the application is reviewed and an opinion is issued thereupon
  • the co-existence study and the solution study will be performed, as the case may be
  • the technical project is drawn up
  • the contract to free the location is concluded and the co-existence conditions are carried out
  • the work contract is concluded
  • the location is cleared
Regulations on   grid access
  • Regulation for users' connection to the electric networks of public interest (GD 90/2008)
  • Methodology for network operators to issue the location approvals (Order 48 /2008)

- Handbook for the users requesting connection of new generation or consumption places to the electricity transmission grid
- Handbook for the users requesting the sitting permit from CNTEE Transelectrica SA
- Applicants' guide for the wind power plants (WPPs) connection to the power transmission grid

-Wind forecasting example file

-day ahead


-Compulsory technical requirements for a wind farm

- Setting the limiting spot