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Investment strategy

One of the core goals of CNTEE  "Transelectrica" -  SA is the continuous strengthening and development of the power transmission infrastructure by modernizing it based on the most  efficient technologies which provides the required conditions  to comply with the existing and prospective  market conditions.
a) In order to carry out the requirements stipulated in the technical and operational regulations of the RPS and ENTSO-E, Transelectrica has initiated a wide scale modernisation - development programme thoroughly grounded in technical and economic terms, using the following strategic documents:

  • PTG development plan on long term  2002 -2012;
  • PTG prospective plan  for 2004 - 2008 and for 2013 as a guideline;
  • PTG prospective plan for  2006 – 2010 and  for 2016 as a guideline;
  • PTG prospective plan for  2008 – 2012 and   for 2017 as a guideline.

b) The Company's Business Plan for 2001 – 2010 (which has been successively reviewed for the periods 2004 -2013, 2006-2016 and 2008 – 2017).
On this grounds, the annual investment plans are developed and approved,   which creates the conditions for meeting the requirements on PTG development and strengthening as well as on  its reliable operation.

Transelectrica's strategic directions  in the investment sector

  • Construction and development of the  electricity market infrastructure
  • Modernizing and retrofitting the power substation within the PTG;
  • Closing the 400 kV national power ring  and constructing the 400 kV metropolitan ring  of  Bucharest;
  • Extending the capacities of interconnection with the neighboring countries;
  • Integration in the PTG  of the units 3 and 3 of  the NPP Cernavoda   and of the new  wind  farms;
  • Integration in the PTG of the Pumping  Storage Hydro  Power Plant   Tarnita –Lapusesti