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Registration in Cross Border Capacity Allocation Auctions




     Auction Office Contact:


       0040 (0) 21 303 5963

       0040 (0) 21 303 5807



Registration of participants

Registration procedure and all required documents for cross-border capacity auctions organised by other TSOs are published on their websites.In order to participate in cross-border capacity auctions organized by TRANSELECTRICA, applicants have to register as a Registered Participant and to conclude a Cross Border Allocation Contract with TRANSELECTRICA, according to the Allocation Rules or to the Procedure.


 The Cross Border Allocation Contract will allow the Registered Participant to bid in all capacity allocation auctions organized by TEL for an indefinite period of time, after its signed by both Parties.


Documents needed to conclude a Cross Border Allocation Contract


- official adress with your request of participating in cross border capacity auctions, addressed to Mr. Gheorghe Visan (Energy Markets Director);

- copy of companys fiscal certificate; 

- copy of companys excerpt from your National Chamber of Commerce;

- bank references (IBAN code and the name of the bank); 
- EIC code;
-  Registration form (Annex to the Allocation Rules).
All the above documents must be officially translated into english, for non-Romanian applicants and also, the original copy of the signed Registration Form must be sent to TEL headquarters, alongside the other copies of the required documents.
Previous to this step, the scanned copies could be sent to the Auction Office e-mail, for a preliminary verification. 
With the delivery of the Registration Form, the applicant declares legally binding and irrevocably that:

- he is a business company operating and incorporated under law and is not subject to bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings;

 - he is full and complete knowledge of the actually applicable Rules, which are published at the website of TRANSELECTRICA and on the websites of the neigbouring TSOs;

- he accepts and submits without any reservation/restriction to these actually applicable Rules;

 - there are no court or other proceedings in progress against him that would threaten the fulfilments of the conditions set out in these Rules;

- the representative(s) who sign(s) the Registration Form have all authorisations by law or from other organisations, based on which they are able to assume the obligations arising out of participation;

- he has not any debts outstanding to the concerned TSOs (TRANSELECTRICA and or neighbouring TSOs).


When all documents are in order, TEL shall initiate the Cross Border Allocation Contract,  sign it on its behalf and afterwards, the contract will be sent to the applicant for signing on its behalf.
After each of the Parties has a fully signed copy of the contract, the applicant becomes Registered Participant, shall be added to the Registry of Participants, with rights to participate in all Cross Border Capacity auctions organized by TEL.
At this step, the Registered Participant must contact our National Dispatch Centre ( / 004021 303 5856) in order to get access to the Auction Tool - DAMAS platform.
For the UA-RO border, the provisions of the Operational Procedure TEL 01:06 and of the Cross Border Allocation Contract will apply. The registration procedure is the same as the one detailed above.