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Supervisory Board

No. Name Title Date of appointment End of the mandate CV Biographical notice
1 Adrian GOICEA President 30-11-2019 29-03-2020
2 Luiza POPESCU Member temporarily 30-11-2019 29-03-2020
3 Sebastian BURDUJA Member temporarily 30-11-2019 29-03-2020
4 Jean - Valentin COMĂNESCU Member temporarily 30-11-2019 29-03-2020
5 Jean BADEA Member temporarily 30-11-2019 29-03-2020
6 Oleg BURLACU Member temporarily 30-11-2019 29-03-2020
7 Member temporarily 30-11-2019

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CS members are appointed by the AGOA respecting the provisions applicable to the companies admitted to trading and are selected in accordance with the provisions of Emergency Government Ordinance no. 109/2011 regarding corporate governance of public enterprises. Each member of Supervisory Board must declare formally, if independent, and whenever a change in status, showing why it is considered independent. 

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Nomination and remuneration committee

Sebastian - Ioan BURDUJA - chairman
Adrian GOICEA - member
Jean - Valentin COMĂNESCU - member
Oleg BURLACU - member
Luiza POPESCU - member
Jean BADEA - member

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Audit committee

Jean - Valentin COMĂNESCU - chairman;
Adrian GOICEA - member;
Luiza POPESCU - member

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Energy security committee

Oleg BURLACU - chairman
Sebastian - Ioan BURDUJA - member
Adrian GOICEA - member
Luiza POPESCU - member
Jean - Valentin COMĂNESCU - member
Jean BADEA  - member