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National technical norms/Methodologies related to COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/631 implementation

Implementation Program
 - stages participants (ANRE link - terms and reforms adopted)

Working form of the technical norms:

·         Technical Norm"Technical conditions for the connection to the public electricity networks for synchronous generators"

Discussion schedule of the norm including received comments and the response to them:

·         February 27, 2017 - meeting with Distribution System Operators (DSOs) for agreeing values

·          March 13, 2017 - workshop with all stakeholders

·          April 26, 2017 - meeting with neighboring TSOs - agenda

Dissemination of information through conferences in which the debate code takes place:

·         Technical meeting Ministry of Energy - ANRE - DSO - TSO - 08/10/2016 11:00 – Bucharest

           - General Information

           - Documents presented: 

  - Presentation of the Regulation (EU) 631 2016

·            9th edition of the Conference "Energy Day Brasov - 23/09/2016-Brasov

           - General Information

           - Documents presented: 

                   - Presentation of the "Implications of pan european codes in system connection"

·         Technical meeting organized by ANRE and Polytechnic University of Bucharest - 06/10/2016  – Bucharest

           - General Information

                 - Contact address for filing applications of framing in emerging technologies: 


           - Documents presented: 

- Presentation - "Technical requirements for generating / producing installations with installed capacity below 1 MW";

-  Romanian Academy Presentation: "Emerging technologies for valorisation of     the renewable energy sources";

-  ANRE Presentation: "Emerging Technologies and EU Regulation no. 631/2016           establishing a network code on grid connection requirements for the generating installations"

- Presentation of National Institute for Research & Development in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA - R & D Directions;

- FDEE Distribution - Electrica Muntenia Nord  presentation: "The implementation degree of renewable energy production in the FDEE Distribution - Electrica Muntenia Nord ".

·         National Symposium of Computer Science, Automation and Telecommunications Energy SIE 2016 - October 26 to 28, 2016, Sinaia

                  - Documents presented:

                  - Presentation: "Critical points in the implementation of european connection codes in the Romanian technical legislation"

NRA Orders:

- Order NRA no. 79/16.11.2016 for the approval of the classification of power-generating modules and power park modules

- Order NRA no. 05/08.02.2017 for the approval of the criteria for granting derogations for power-generating modules and  power park modules from the obligation to meet one or more of the requirements of the technical norm for connection