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National technical norms/Methodologies related to COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/631 implementation

Implementation Program
 - stages participants (ANRE link - terms and reforms adopted)

Working form of the technical norms:

·         Technical Norm"Technical conditions for the connection to the public electricity networks for synchronous generators"

Discussion schedule of the norm including received comments and the response to them:

·         February 27, 2017 - meeting with Distribution System Operators (DSOs) for agreeing values

·          March 13, 2017 - workshop with all stakeholders

·          April 26, 2017 - meeting with neighboring TSOs - agenda

Dissemination of information through conferences in which the debate code takes place:

·         Technical meeting Ministry of Energy - ANRE - DSO - TSO - 08/10/2016 11:00 – Bucharest

           - General Information

           - Documents presented: 

  - Presentation of the Regulation (EU) 631 2016

·            9th edition of the Conference "Energy Day Brasov - 23/09/2016-Brasov

           - General Information

           - Documents presented: 

                   - Presentation of the "Implications of pan european codes in system connection"

·         Technical meeting organized by ANRE and Polytechnic University of Bucharest - 06/10/2016  – Bucharest

           - General Information

                 - Contact address for filing applications of framing in emerging technologies: 


           - Documents presented: 

- Presentation - "Technical requirements for generating / producing installations with installed capacity below 1 MW";

-  Romanian Academy Presentation: "Emerging technologies for valorisation of     the renewable energy sources";

-  ANRE Presentation: "Emerging Technologies and EU Regulation no. 631/2016           establishing a network code on grid connection requirements for the generating installations"

- Presentation of National Institute for Research & Development in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA - R & D Directions;

- FDEE Distribution - Electrica Muntenia Nord  presentation: "The implementation degree of renewable energy production in the FDEE Distribution - Electrica Muntenia Nord ".

·         National Symposium of Computer Science, Automation and Telecommunications Energy SIE 2016 - October 26 to 28, 2016, Sinaia

                  - Documents presented:

                  - Presentation: "Critical points in the implementation of european connection codes in the Romanian technical legislation"

NRA Orders:

- Order NRA no. 79/16.11.2016 for the approval of the classification of power-generating modules and power park modules

- Order NRA no. 05/08.02.2017 for the approval of the criteria for granting derogations for power-generating modules and  power park modules from the obligation to meet one or more of the requirements of the technical norm for connection

Order NRA no. 72/02.08.2017 approving the technical norm on the technical requirements to connect synchronous power generating modules to public electrical grids       

Order NRA no. 214/19.12.2018 amending and supplementing Order no. 72/2017 of the President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority approving the technical norm on the technical requirements to connect synchronous power generating modules to public electrical grids 

Order NRA no. 208/14.12.2018 approving the technical norm on the technical requirements to connect  power generating modules, power plants modules and offshore park modules to public electrical grids